Here we are at 2015, the year I turn 40. I actually feel better than I have felt in a couple of years and maybe that has to do with the fact that I started running again. Pre-children I used to enjoy running in Prospect Park often, but have stopped and started ever since then. A few months back I found myself enjoying running again for the first time in years. I found an amazing trail about five minutes from my house which offered the challenge, variance, and solitude I had been looking for. It’s not a long run and I am not a fast runner, but I am moving and more importantly I am enjoying myself. I find myself yearning to get back on the trail. Right now, due to it being Winter, I can only get on the trail on the weekends. I leave for work to early and the trail is closed at sundown. So, I run around the neighborhood during the week, which I surprisingly don’t mind. I think it’s because I’ve realized this where I do my best thinking. It used to be in the shower, but now it’s running. It’s one of the only times and places where I can’t talk to anyone, can’t help anyone, and have to focus. I hope I can keep it up.

With that said, I’m using that time to brainstorm for many of the projects going on in 2015. I just finished some new branding work for Tyler Wells (Founder of Handsome Coffee) and Kevin and I are getting closer and closer to unveiling the full Smile Frozen Goods brand. I’m also putting together some new talks for 2015. So far, I’m going to be speaking at SXSW, Generate in NYC, and FOWD in London.

One of my minor goals for the year is to write more often on this site. I designed this simple site a few years ago with the intent to post here often. Each post has room for one image and a post. I have never truly taken advantage of it, so I hope to this year. I get minimal to no traffic, but it’s a nice personal time capsule of things going on.

Happy Trails in 2015.