Happy to be back in London

At some point I should just move here. I love London. I’m pretty happy right now. I’m sitting in my hotel, eating a sandwich from Marks & Spencer, and watching football highlights. I also just finished prepping my presentation for Future of Web Design which I’ll be speaking at this Tuesday. It’s my second year speaking at this conference which is run by, and attended by, lovely people.

London is amazing all the time. There is a beautiful attention to detail here at that a. feels authentic, and b. doesn’t exist in America. The signage outside of pubs, coffee shops, lawyer’s offices and even dry cleaners feels incredibly considered. It makes me want to make some big serif signs. There’s inspiration around every corner.

One of the highlights so far was getting to visit The Guardian. My dear friend, Ruth Lewy, is now the Weekend Features Editor there and she took me on a little tour. It was fascinating and really made me miss my newspaper days. It’s impressive to see how that paper is trying to evolve with the times, while many other papers are doomed in their prehistoric mindset.

I also made a pilgrimage to Vicarage Road to watch the beloved Watford FC. In true Watford fashion, they conceded five minutes from time (after leading throughout the match). I still can say, somewhat unbelievably, I have never seen Watford lose at home. Shocking really.

Anyway, a full visual recap will be posted once I return to LA.