Design for the 24-Hour User

Thanks to Noelle Kessler from our team at (mt) for capturing this nice shot of me presenting to the audience at Future of Web Design in London. The presentation I’m presenting these days is called “Design for the 24-Hour User” and looks at ways to reach our audience across multiples devices through the 24-hour user cycle. It’s not a talk about coding, responsive design, or selling things. It’s more focused on understanding user behavior, anticipating it, and designing worthwhile products and experiences for our audiences.

I’ll be presenting this talk again at this year’s Future Insights Live in Las Vegas next week. While I’m excited about it, I am more excited to see two of the guys on my team present as well. I’m all about hiring people that are smarter than I am, and Justin Young and Ian Moersen should make the pretty obvious.

See you in Vegas!