I Still Love New York

Last week I spent a few days back in New York as I was speaking at the Generate Conference in midtown. I’ve been in Los Angeles for almost four years. It’s crazy. Last time the World Cup was on I had just moved out here and, now, it’s on again and I own a house here. I’m also now a father of two rather than just one. Time flies. Things change and I suppose I’ve changed. I’m definitely more grey. What hasn’t changed is how much I miss New York. It’s strange because I think Los Angeles is actually the best place I have lived (with kids). It’s easy, the weather is great, people are friendly, and the quality of life is really good. However, I still miss NY and it’s not just my sister and my good friends.

I think about NY daily and I long for so many things there. Many of the things I miss are silly things like bagels and pizza – things I shouldn’t eat or miss really. I don’t miss so much about the city or the existence of living there, but at the same time I miss all the disfunction. I miss edgy people, shitty customer service, and I miss solving for small spaces. I miss scenes like the one above (which I took from the High Line around 5pm on Friday). The city has changed considerably since I left. It feels fancy and the influx of people make me think of living in SF in the late 90s. I couldn’t wait to get away from all that in SF and I don’t miss that aspect of NY now. However, the gem of this all was getting to walk on the High Line. This just opened when I left and the project is a remarkable accomplishment. It’s mind-blowing that they were able to pull this off, but that’s NY really – constantly blowing people’s minds.