End of another Summer

Back to school is just a few days away. The Summer, as it usually does, has flown by. Here in LA, Summer is pretty endless. We do dip down into the 50′s a couple of times during the Winter months, but that’s about it. Looking back on the Summer it’s been busy and partially relaxing. The highlight, as it usually is for our family, is visiting Rhode Island. Work commitments meant it was just one week out there this Summer rather than two weeks. Regardless, they were the 10 best days of the Summer. Here’s my top ten favorite things about our Rhode Island trip (in no order). Obviously, seeing family is at the top, but that’s a given.

1. This photo above. Watching my son, now close to seven, being able to brave some waves on his boogie board without me right next time. It was also a little heart-breaking to start being less needed.

2. Trips to Brickleys Ice Cream parlor. The best ice cream in Rhode Island and possibly America. Second only to Smile.

3. Greenery. Man, I’ve missed some huge, overgrown, lush, green trees. Not that many of those guys out here in Los Angeles.

4. Rain storms on the bay. We were treated to one huge storm and some huge waves. It’s always fun to watch and stand in the rain.

5. Day trip to Providence. I love that city and it seems to get better every time we visit. I hit up Dave’s Coffee’s new flagship location. The honey latte is worth the trip in.

6. Beach days. I never used to be a beach person. I am now.

7. That perfect Narragansett water. Just cold enough that it’s refreshing and warm enough that you don’t need a wet suits. The perfect swimming beach.

8. Lobster Rolls at Monahan’s Clam Shack. The best in the business.

9. Skipping stones with my kids. Trying to teach someone how to skip stones is hard, but it’s more fun than trying to teach someone how to ride a bike. Way less tears.

10. Time with my boys. I know I get to see them more than a lot of parents get to see their kids (thanks Media Temple), but it’s never enough and they’re growing up too damn fast.

Here’s to the Fall…