Secret Coffee Roasters

I recently did some new identity work for Tyler Wells, founder of Handsome Coffee Roasters. After selling Handsome to Blue Bottle, he’s been up to a handful of things. One of these things is a private roasting company called Secret Coffee. While exploring some identity ideas he was interested in marks from secret societies, decoder rings, and puzzles. The mark we ended up on was a perfect grid featuring a scrambling of the letters that make up “SECRET COFFEE.” It was one of those logos that, when you see it (next to the other dozen you created), you know it’s the right one.

We carried the hidden/secret idea through to the printing of the company cards. I worked with the talented Alissa Bell at Alissa Bell Press to letterpress black on black cards, printed on super thick 4-ply Museum Board. My photo above really does very little to clearly show how beautifully these turned out. A great project, with a great client, and a great printer is something to truly be happy about.