New (old) Website

I'm trying something new. Thanks to the awesome Ara Abcarians, I have a personal website again.

Almost three years ago I got off Facebook. I hated that platform and, three years later, it's something I never miss and never regret leaving. I do miss seeing updates from people who live far away. The bad news for me is I really do enjoy Instagram. I've spent so much of my life taking and sharing photos; from the dark room when I was little to wherever we are now. Instagram is just awful with the creepy sponsored posts and the connections back to the horrific Facebook platform. So, I thought I'd use this website as a place to share photos and see if it feeds my need to, for some reason, post and share photos.

I've always loved Chris Glass' site, especially the way he changes the link colors to match his hero images. Ara setup the same thing for me here where I can easily update the headline color depending on the image. Thanks Ara and thanks for the inspiration Chris.

The photo above is taken from Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles on the morning of my 44th birthday. You look good L.A.

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