Seagulls and Sardines - April 2019

Here's volume two of my attempt to compile a monthly list of things I've enjoyed reading, watching, or listening to. The photo above is the Portland Aerial Tram coming into to dock at the top of the hills in SouthWest Portland. I shot that earlier this month while visiting Portland.

POZI - "Engaged"
I've been listening to the album by the British band Pozi. Parts of the album (especially the basslines) remind me of Joy Division which sold me on some of the singles. This is a video for one of the better songs on the record.

Barcelona from Above
Barcelona is one of the best cities I've ever been to. That's definitely not a unique opinion. Hungarian photographer, Marton Mogyorosy, captured a series of striking images from above the city. I love the patterns and the colors in his images.

The new Spurs Stadium
The new Tottenham Hotspur stadium looks stunning. I've seen some firsthand photos from my Uncle, a lifelong Spurs supporter, who attended the second match. While many of the articles have centered around technical achivements, beer that automatically pours itself, and TV screens in the toilets (so you don't miss any of the match - but who goes to the toilet during a football match); the Builder article looks at the impact on the neighborhood. The £1bn building, one of the most expensive ever built in the UK, is right in the middle of London's fifth poorest ward.

Everyone Should Read Customer Support Emails
This idea seems to come up a lot at many places I've worked. At my last job, my UX team was required to spend a couple of hours a month listening to support calls. We had a support center right in our building, so it seemed ridiculous not to take advantage of that feedback. This article points out the benefits of doing so. Frankly, if you want to be a great UX or Product Designer, and you have a Support team in-house, you should get yourself on the phones and on those emails.

WHALE FOOD: A minimalist illustration series exploring the world of plankton
I love this series of studies exploring the world of plankton, which seem somewhat inspired by the work of Joan Miro. The palette is crisp. They were created by TRUF Creative in Santa Monica.

Star Wars Sound Design
Who knew that the sound for the Landspeeder in Episode IV was made by holding a steel pipe towards the LA Freeway? This video looks at how they made some of the most well-known sounds in Star Wars. I watched this with my kids and they loved it.

The First Mover Series
I've been finding myself more and more interesting in large foundational design systems. As we try to grow and scale the brand at work globally, it's becoming clear that working systematic (for print and interactive) is a must. This series by Shao Nian is clean, unified, and visually interesting. There are 49 different book covers here from four different subjects: universe, physics, synthesis, and life.

Aeroglyphs by Rueben Wu
I'm a sucker for some good drone footage. I love when the team at work puts our drone to use. Rueben Wu has taken a different approach with his drone. These aeroglyphs, as he puts it, are " an ongoing series of large temporary geometries traced by light carrying drones in space."

Roy Wood Jr.'s "Game of Thrones"
This is one of the funnier posts I've seen this month. Roy Wood Jr. (from The Daily Show and others) turn arts and crafts day at his kid's school into a new Game of Thrones trailer.

The Sports Pictograms of the Olympic Summer Games: 1964-2010
I can't remember where this document originated from, but here's a 33-page PDF with all the pictograms from Tokyo's 1964 Olympics through Rio's 2016 games. Nerd out.

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